best crime thriller books


The Majesties

by Tiffany Tsao

A mysterious dark thriller on the secrets of the family. Gwendollyn is the only survivor who has killed her entire family at once in a mass poisoning operation. When she is trapped in a comatose state, her beloved brother Estella only has one certainty of who was responsible for the crime. Now Gwendolyn has to search her memory for the events that led to the deadly dinner and see what has driven Estella to perpetrate such a horrible act.


by TaraShea Nesbit 

10 years after the Mayflower landed on American shores, a groundbreaking thriller of violence, full of religious strife and claustrophobic mystery. The new colony was not accepted by many of its settlers. Led by a committed Puritan, many had to abandon their dreams of freedom of faith in a new world. As the tensions between various sects rise and the colony becomes increasingly divided, the next boat may be too late. Named from the viewpoint of women in the settlement, the cabin fever stereotype and the day of American settlement Beheld took a dark and inventive view.

Streets of Paris, Streets of Murder: The Complete Graphic Noir of Machette & Tardi Vol. 1

by Jean-Patrick Manchette

This number, which has never been collected before, follows legal advisor Griffu’s adventures in a thrilling French noir cartoon. Griffu has to uncover a series of mysteries and deceptions in an almost cartoonic noir atmosphere when a sultry blonde goes to his office. The graphic novel is perfect for people with a dry mood and a certain nostalgia for classic birth mystery films and includes war criminals, terrorists and plenty of smoking.

The Holdout: A Novel

by Graham Moore

Maya Seale thinks Bobby Nock is innocent, and her fellow panelists can convince her. A doctrinal team starts to investigate what happened between the jurors behind closed doores 10 years after the trial and Maya ‘s successful fight for his innocence. Maya, now a lawyer for the defense, finds her life under investigation as her apartment is home to one of her fellow jurors.

Meadowlark: A Novel

by Melanie Abrams

Simrin and Arjun have lived very different adulthoods after both have grown up in a strict spiritual setup. Arjun invites Simrin, a photojournalist, to visit his municipacy, Meadowlark, to inspire and guide children “doubted.” As the municipality and the teaching methods of Arjun are more disturbing to her, her unpleasantness is deepening. She soon finds herself in an enquiry that might not only cost her her life but all those under the spell of Arjun.

Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era 

by Jerry Mitchell 

Race Against Time follows the work and campaign carried out by Jerry Mitchel to reopen four notorious cases from the era of civil law. Mitchel will identify the perpetrators and bring four leading clans behind bars with newly discovered evidence and long-lost perpetrators and witnesses. This book redefines the importance and significance of cold cases in order to achieve historical justice.

Magnetized: Conversations with a Serial Killer

by Carlos Busqued

The assassinations of four taxi drivers shocked Buenos Aires during the dark week of September 1982. This done by a 19-year-old man who looks perfectly safe and calming during the whole police operation in a calm, methodical precession. More than 30 years later, the author Carlos Busqued begins his journey to Ricardo Melogno not 19 years old anymore to commemorate his life. When Busqued continues to learn about Melogno, his focus changes from the murders to the misdiagnosis and fate of Melogno: his lifetime imprisonment after completing his sentence.

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