5 Best Books to Read in 2020

Best Books to Read in 2020


Rodham: What if Hillary hadn’t married Bill?

by Curtis Sittenfeld

From Prep to American Wife, Curtis Sittenfeld built her name as the leading chronicler of WASP America for contemporary fiction from Prep to American Wife. Now she turns her literary eye away from wry speculation and into the world of an very up-to-date if: What if Hillary Rodham would never have agreed to marry Bill Clinton?

out on 19 May, 2020.

Transcendent Kingdom: A novel

by Yaa Gyasi 

A contemporary story of a Ghanaian family in the Alabama trying to make a sense of the loss comes from the author of Homegoing, the debut book about the two very different legacies of an asante woman living in Ghana in the 18th century.

Out on September 8, 2020.

My Dark Vanessa: A Novel

by Kate Elizabeth Russell 

When a former student boy comes up against Jacob, Vanessa’s teacher of English high school, with sexual harassment charges, Vanessa must deal with a disturbing question: is she as egalitarian as she’s told herself for 17 years in her own youth affair with Jacob? In # MeToo’s moment, Russell’s blistering, deeply uncomfortable and utterly critical debut is a must read status.

Real Life

by Brandon Taylor

Summer, Wallace spent a strain of microscopic worms in the laboratory. He is four years old at a Lake Midwest University, a life away from his upbringing in Alabama. He is a biochemist. A few weeks ago, his father died, but Wallace didn’t return for his funeral, and he didn’t say anything to friends – Miller, Yngve, Cole and Emma. He has been accustomed to avoiding only those close to him out of self-preservation. But over a bloody summer week-end, Wallace has been forced to address both the pain of the past and the question of the future with the devastation of his work and the sequence of violent confrontations.

Out on 27 August, 2020.

Norwegian Wood

by Haruki Murakami

Toru Watanabe remembers his first love, Naoko, his best friend Kizuki’s sister, when he hears her favorite Beatles tune. In a world of uncomfortable friendships, casual sex, lust, loss and desire, the young man Midori calls himself to his student days in Tokyo, and has to choose from the future and from the past. He instantly goes back nearly 20 years to his student day in Tokyo.

‘Evoking, humorous, sexy and sweet, but Murakami is one of the best authors in this country’

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